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My First Time; With Chalk Paint®

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They say you always remember your first.  Do you?  Well I do.

It was a cute little serving buffet that I wrestled a guy for at an auction and won.  Ok, we didn’t really wrestle but we did exchange a few sideways glances. In the end I was victorious and what I did with that little buffet could be considered obscene by some but for me it was just daring enough to be exciting.  I painted it with Cream Chalk Paint® and Dark Waxed it.  I know very salacious.

Sorry mom, but it is true.

I put Dark Wax over the color of Cream!  WHAT WAS I THINKING!?

The truth is I wasn’t.  This was my FIRST time.  The first time I had ever painted with Chalk Paint® and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  As the process continued I was thinking.  Oh no, it is too dark!  It’s not applying even!  It is changing the color!

But you know what happened?  EVERYTHING TURNED OUT GREAT!

Here is the Before.

02-24-12 002

Here is the After.

03-06-12 003

03-06-12 005

I even know who owns this piece today and I’ve seen it in her home and it looks fantastic!  It was meant to be painted this way and turn out just like it did.  The moral of this story:  Don’t worry, it will be alright.  Just do it!  (Thanks Nike)  Don’t get too hung up on what it is supposed to look like.

Have Fun.  Paint.  Explore.  Lighten Up.  Try Something New.  Break All The Rules.

Here’s to being a rebel,



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