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Eco Chic Fall Junk Market 2013 {Recap}

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I would like to complain about the one day it rained on Junk Market day after what seemed like a summer drought but I won’t because I grew up on a farm…and you never curse the rain.

So instead let me tell you how we will battle the rain, and wind and snow and mosquitos and flying pigs.  (We’ve had those, seriously)

Ok we haven’t had flying pigs but we’ve dealt with enough craziness so we made a decision a few months ago.  Even before the crazy rain of Saturday…on the one day of Junk Market.  The day I prayed for sunshine. The day it got all the beautiful furniture, by the beautiful vendors wet.  But I WON’T blame and complain on the rain.

We will just do this.






OUCH…Ok let’s skip the chest bumping.

…and just hug it out.

That is right.  We’ve decide to move Junk Market to the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo, ND.

There will be roofs and heating and parking and indoor pottys and so much more.

The dates are May 10th and Sept 20th, 2014.  (Mark your calendars!)

We don’t have all the details worked out yet and you can’t register as a vendor yet but all those things will happen soon.

The other idea (which isn’t for sure…but pretty sure…sort of like  many of my relationships in college. Ha!):

We may hold a Mini-Junk Market later this fall to make it up to the vendors who worked so hard to bring you their best Junk…and it got wet.

Until then, when we will share all the details on next year and the possibility of future events, let’s celebrate yesterday.  Because it really was an amazing day.  Mainly because of the strong support we got from all our great customers and the amazing vendors that braved the rain!

We salute all of you !

From the bottom of our hearts we Thank You!

Here are just a few photos of the amazing…yet soggy day.


IMG_7610 IMG_7624 IMG_7646 IMG_7656 IMG_7657 IMG_7666 IMG_7667 IMG_7679 IMG_7697 IMG_7702 IMG_7707 IMG_7723 IMG_7726 IMG_7733

Hugs, Kisses and Flying Pigs,

Maria (and Tate)

Junk Market in the beginning & Photos of Spring 2014 Event

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