I’ve been trying for the last few years to get to Junk Bonanza but it always seems I have a conflict.  Well this past Friday I finally made my first trip there.

My girlfriend Audra made the trip with me and it was fun to introduce her to the world of junking and picking.  She was a quick study.

She was also very helpful in carrying my junk to the truck. {Thanks Audra}

She is a mighty cute little companion.  I told her we are making lights out of some of these items.  If she is nice I might let her play with my new drill and make a few.


The Junk Bonanza event is held in Shakopee, Minnesota at Canterbury Downs each spring and fall.  It sure was nice being inside because it rained off and on during the day.   We made a few trips out to the truck as we filled our arms.

This is our first trip to the truck.  We started a theme and continued it all day.  IMG_2194

The little bags in the lefthand corner are called coffee bark.  They were sampling them in one of the booths.  I almost cried when I tried them.  Coffee and Toffee in one delicious crunchy treat.  It is like crack {not that I’ve ever tried it but I’m just guessing the addiction level is the same)  only legal and it tastes like coffee.  I ordered 72 bags and I might have swung back around the booth four times.  The fifth time I started to head that way I got “the look” from Audra and I figured stepping away might be the safe and sensible thing to do.


I found inspiration EVERY WHERE!  I loved this little tree of round tables.  I just might have to try this at the store. I wish I had asked the name of this booth because I really enjoyed their vintage finds and the colors they decorated with.

There was so much to look at but I found myself mesmerized with light fixtures for the day.


Burlap. Pearls. Crystals. OH MY!  The styles and shapes were endless.



I particularly LOVED this one below.  It was entirely covered with vintage negatives.  It was so fun to look at the photos.  What a great idea and fun use for old negatives. I wish I had some to use.  If you have a box of negatives you aren’t using and want to share them I’m your girl.  Just remove the ones your mom took of you in the bath tub when you were two.  Those might be best kept in the box.  Silly Mom.



See this one? {Look Below}.  Well guess what?  Tate just went to an auction and bought THREE of these.  I can’t wait to clean them up and see if they work.  I might even paint one…or two…



The booths went ON…and ON…and we circled and circled many times.  Each time seeing something we had missed the first time.   Like the bike and the above sign.  I hadn’t looked up the first time I went by this booth. So many creative uses for space.  They really packed a lot into this booth by using the space above my head.  {Maybe this is why my neck has a kink in it}


The second trip to the truck found us with more lamp shade frames and more wooden spools.  We also picked up a few old photos.  Old photos with VERY interesting mustaches.  I just couldn’t stop myself from buying them.  What can I say.  I like a man with a mustache.  I blame Tom Selleck.


This sweet lady sold me few wooden spools, she was so fun and sweet I asked if we could grab her photo.  All the vendors were just so nice.  I would imagine their feet hurt from standing on the concrete all day but yet they all smiled.  Maybe I should have offered to rub her feet.  Do you think that would have been too weird?


I had to snap a photo of these glass grapes. They made me think of my childhood.  My mom had some just like these.  The thought made me smile…but then again I was also chewing on some coffee bark so everything was feeling fine.

So our first time at Junk Bonanza was a huge success. I look forward to going back next year.  I might just need to bring a trailer next time….you know, for the cases of Coffee Bark.



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