As many of you know, we do A LOT of painting here at Eco Chic Boutique. The majority of pieces we busy ourselves with actually belong to our sweet customers. They step out in faith and entrust their prized possessions to us-hoping we will turn them into beauties using our beloved Chalk Paint®. So this week, I’d like to share with you a piece that we just finished, which turned out beautiful.  Keep reading for a complete description of how we turned this dark desk into a bright beauty!



The desk was very heavy, with minimal repairing, and only hope for the future!



IMG_0968 (2)


IMG_0970 (2)

This is the back of the desk.

So, when we take custom orders, you get to tell us exactly what you are envisioning, and we make it happen. Here’s what we did to make this sweet gal take home the desk she wanted:

1. Take off all hardware.

2. Repair any holes with wood putty. Nail back in any loose corners.

3. Dust off the whole piece with a natural spray or damp cloth.

4. Paint Old White. This piece took four coats because Old White (and Pure White) tend to be very translucent. So when you are painting over darker pieces, count on it taking 3-4 coats. Let dry in between coats.

5. Lightly distress with sandpaper along edges and lines.

6. While working on the desk, paint the hardware Old White. This will also take about 3 coats, letting dry in between.

7. Seal the desk with Clear Wax, using a dry, clean rag.

Remember, the paint dries quickly, distresses easy, and is completely eco friendly!!!!!


Happy painting!

Katie M.


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