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The bathroom is where it’s at!

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Many months ago we got the crazy idea of showing our Facebook followers how fast we could get a project done… further proving  Chalk Paint ® by Annie Sloan can dry very quickly. So we decided in the store that day that we were going to tackle the bathroom vanity!  It was a sealed blonde wood with hardware on it. It frequently gets wet, rubbed and touched in our bathroom, which is used by employees and customers every day.

We tackled the project and had completed it by lunch time. It was so fun for our Facebook followers to wait with us as we finished it up and showed it to them!


Below are the steps we took to complete this project:

1. Take all the hardware off.

2. Wipe down the wood with Shaklee Basic H2 all-purpose spray.

3. Paint one coat of Florence over the whole front and sides. Let dry.

4. Take sandpaper to all edges and corners and distress to get the wood underneath to show through.

5. Make a mixture of clear and dark wax. Apply with a rag to cover the entire surface.

6. Put hardware back on.

7. Stand back and smile.

Many of you may wonder about your own bathroom and if it will hold up with a shower going. I’m happy to report our customers have had great experiences with their painted vanities, as well as my husband and I. We painted a table right next to our shower which receives moisture every shower time. It dries up just fine or wipes off smoothly.

Happy painting!

Katie Murrey

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