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The First Big Announcement

By December 16, 2014 7 Comments

Well we have been teasing you for a few weeks now about BIG announcements coming your way.  Well today we are letting you in on the first of the two.  The next will be announced Tuesday, the 23rd of December (also known as next Tuesday).

It will be our Christmas Gift to you…and believe me.




Not to be dramatic or anything.


Is that even a word?  Is there a word that means REALLY REALLY SUPERCALIFRAGALISTIC BIG that I could use that would be bigger than that?

(While remaining cool and collected of course).

We wouldn’t want to get out of hand.

Anyway. Don’t go anywhere next Tuesday morning.  Sit right by your computer at 10:30am and continue to hit refresh, refresh, refresh.

Don’t even go pee or get another Christmas cookie.

Ok, you can get another Christmas cookie. Those are important.

Now I’m distracted by cookies.  It is usually cute goat videos.  At least I’m maturing.

Speaking of maturing…where was I?

Oh Yes!  Eco Chic is maturing…or maybe you could call it growing.

“Nice segue Maria.”

Thank you…I thought so too.

Now I’m talking to myself.

Well before this gets out of hand let me tell you the first big announcement.

I give you…….(drum roll please)

Design Center Logo

We have leased another space in our current location in Fargo right next door to the current store to create and curate a space that is dedicated to Workshops, Custom Painting, Design Services, Creative Space, Executive Offices and a Video Workshop.

Cheers!  Clapping!  High Fives!! 

Here it is.

The before photos anyways.  We’ve only begun the transformation.  You will be the first to see it come to life.

back to front

This photo is looking from the back to the front where our custom paint department will be.

front to back

And this is a look from the exact opposite direction.  Notice the blue tape?  That is our very scientific mapping system.  We can get you one of your very own for $3.86.

entry to teaching

And this is where you get to play.  This will be the classroom for workshops.  And boy do we have workshops planned for you. As they say in Webster South Dakota, my old stomping grounds, “You ain’t seen nutin yet.”
That means the list is going to be long and awesome!!

office hallway

This is the hallway leading to the offices.  Can you guess what will go on this wall once we finish phase 37 of the transformation.

We are very detailed in our phases.

Can you guess?

Here is a hint.

It is one of my favorite things.

No it’s not a goat room, silly.

But that would be Totes Adorable.

It is an Espresso Bar!!  So when you take a workshop at Eco Chic you will get specialty prepared (by the worst trained baristas in Fargo) ooey goey lattes.  But they will be made with love.  Ooey Gooey Chocolately Love! Office

Here is a before view of Scott & Carrie’s office.  There is a After the Before but not an After the After below.

Make Sense?

photo 1

Isn’t it cute?  Just imagine how cute it will be when you see the After the After photo of the entire room.

photo 2

This is a Before the After but After the Before Photo of the custom paint room and the back wall that will hold our Video Media area.  Sounds Fancy, right? We are very techy here.

photo 1

This will be the cute as a bug nook where you will be greeted with cute couches  to lounge on while you are waiting for your workshop to start, and you are enjoying your mocha latta love it latte.

So that is our first Big announcement.  I think it is totally rad, and we can’t wait to finish it and share it with you.

The opening date is tentative, mid to end of January.  We are working hard to finish it so we can begin the new workshop schedule and share it all with you.

So what do you think?  Share your comments and thoughts below. This space is for you. What do you want to see in workshops, and syrup flavors.  Both very serious discussions.

In Love with Lattes,


The New Bismarck Store {Before. Between. After}
Kitchen Makeover with Chalk Paint ®


  • Fantastic!! Great space. I do feel since all these major announcements are coming during the holidays….there must be a major award leg lamp somewhere in the mix? Perhaps on the latte counter? Congrats and how exciting <3

    • Kristi Roers says:

      I would love to have a gathering where we could bring our own smaller piece and have a painting party! Learn from everyone that has already been doing some AS painting.

  • Cherie says:

    Love this exciting announcement! Looking forward to more workshops!! WOO HOO!!

  • Taea Made says:

    Congratulations to Eco Chic on your expansion! So excited for you!!

  • Marie Volk says:

    OMG!! So excited! … Soo, when will you start taking orders on custom done/commissioned pieces? I need to get in line to have a bed set redone! Xoxo

  • Nicole Nelson says:

    Congratulations! They space already looks amazing! Nicole~Tattered

  • George Clooney says:

    THIS IS SO EXCITING! 🙂 I can’t wait to poke around in there! Please let me know if I can help!

    Also, I think that some workshops to involve kidlets in would be great. Little crafty projects for midgets.

    Also also, I was totally assuming that the thing going on the wall was George Clooney.

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