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Before & After Fun with Chalk Paint ®

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Raise you hand if you love Before & After photos. (ok, well now you just look silly…put your hand down) Ha!

But isn’t it the truth.  Whether you are reading a furniture painting blog, or watch Chip and Joanna Gaines transform a house on Fixer Upper, the anticipation and reveal are SO MUCH FUN!

I’m a Before and After junkie.  If a “see this house now” post, or Hoda and Kathy Lee do a Ambush Makeover, and it rolls into my News Feed, I am ALL OVER IT!  I’m like a squirrel in a pecan tree…Nut! Nut! Nut!

A pecan tree is a real thing right?  Pecans grow on trees and peanuts in the ground? Right?  Anyway, you get then point.  I’m easily distracted. So when the opportunity arises to see a transformation of any kind, I must see it NOW.

So it is no surprise that while looking for  photos for a post on shellacing, I got distracted because I came across some favorite old photos of pieces of furniture I painted a couple years ago.  It was so much fun reliving the Before and After of each of these pieces that I tossed aside my original idea of a shellacing post (don’t worry it will come later, Michelle is painting something for it as we speak) and decided to distract you with these photos as well.

You are welcome.  The dishes can wait. The laundry can wait.  Dinner can wait.

We gots us some Before and Afters to look at.

Here is the first one.


Provence Beauty Before

Then look at this After:

Provence Beauty AfterHere are the specifics on this piece.

Color:  Provence Chalk Paint ®
Finish: Mixture of Clear and Dark Annie Sloan Wax (2 parts Clear with1 part Dark)
Top: Stripped and Sanded the top then stained with Minwax Ebony Stain  and then sealed with a water based PolyAcrylic.  Three coats, sanding between each coat.
Handles:  Sprayed with Rustoleum Metallic Gold Paint.  (forgot exact color)

Ok, that was fun.  Let’s do another.

Take a look at this.

Gold Flower Before

……and AFTER.

Gold Flower After 2

Ignore the goof in the mirror, that doesn’t understand how a mirror works.

I remember finishing this piece and being so in LOVE. That is the problem with this business.  You want to keep everything!  That wouldn’t be fair to you, and we love you, so we sold this beauty, and whoever you are that bought her..tell her I miss her.

Yes she is a “she”…just look at those knobs.  *snicker*

Here are her specifics:

Color: Provence Chalk Paint ®
Finish: Clear Wax by Annie Sloan Mixed with Gold Gilding Wax
Embellishment:  Gold Gilding Wax on Edges
Knobs:  Bought at Hobby Lobby

Now I know you want to know more about Gilding Wax.  Here is what it looks like.

121-may-1st-gilding-waxI used it two different ways.  The first way was I took 2 tsp of Gilding Wax and mixed it with  1/2 cup of Clear Soft Wax.  I just stirred it together in a bowl and then used that mixture to wax the entire piece.  Secondly, I use pure Gilding Wax and using the tip of my finger dipped it in the gilding wax and then gently smeared it on the edges and details to embellish the piece and give it a little extra pop and sparkle.

Pop and Sparkle sounds like a Taylor Swift song doesn’t it? I wonder if she uses Chalk Paint ®. I’m sure she has people for that.  I wonder if her peoples people use Chalk Paint. “Ok, Maria..Shake it Off and get back to the post.”

Where was I? Oh Yes. Gilding Wax.

Here is a closer look at the gilding wax on this piece.
Gold Flower After 3 Gold Flower After 4

So there they are, my two distractions for the day.  I’m sure I will find more, but these are the ones I felt you must be distracted by as well.

I hope you enjoyed the Before and Afters I shared today. If you have comments or question you can leave them below in the comments section or find us on Facebook.  You can also email me directly, I’m always here to help.

Ok I’m off to get a cup of coffee and for sure get distracted on the way,


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