The Farmhouse Project

The Farmhouse House Project {Guest Bedroom Reveal}

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I’ve been so excited to show you this room.  I actually completed it a couple months ago, but I had to keep it under wraps until it was revealed in Design and Living Magazine this week. Be sure to pick up a copy, the magazine articles always give a different perspective on the room than the one shared in my blog posts.

This room was such a joy to design and decorate. I wanted a space that was feminine, cozy and peaceful. I’ve never had a guest bedroom that was an actual, guest bedroom. You know, all pretty and welcoming and ready to go at a moments notice. I’ve always had a guest bedroom that doubles as a storage room, and you have to move the boxes and Christmas decorations off the bed when company comes to visit.

I was inspired by my friend Kimberly in Atlanta whom I stayed with a few months ago, her guest room really hugs you and tucks you in all warm and cozy. You can see her entire beautiful home here.

Here is how my guest room looked when we moved in.


And here is how it looks today.


Here is another shot of the room in progress.

2015-12-28 14.14.59

I was so happy that there was enough clearance on either side of the closet opening to install a sliding barn door.


The talented guys at Grain Designs built the barn door and installed it. Michelle, our head painter at Eco Chic gave it a beautiful white washing with Chalk Paint® and then I sealed it with Clear Wax and gave it another sanding.  The doors look somewhat rustic and distressed, but are silky smooth. The handles didn’t make it in time to install before the photos where taken, but will be added at a later date.

Here a few more angles of the room.


In the opposite corner of the room when you walk in, is this cute desk and sitting area.  I bought this desk from my dear friend Laura a few years ago. She promised me that if she ever sold it I would get first dibs and I’m so grateful she finally sold it to me. I’ve been holding on to it for some time and knew exactly where to put it when I started designing this room. Doesn’t it make you just want to sit down and pen a letter to a dear friend? I miss the days of writing letters, but I sure like being able to see my nieces and nephews on a telephone screen any moment I wish. So, I won’t complain about technology. Heck, it is the reason you are seeing this room.


This sign is a personal favorite of mine, I found it while in Nashville this fall.  It speaks to my busy head and hungry soul. I hung it in this room so it would be a soothing message to those who stay with us.

Moving on to the real star of the room.


Jules, of course, favors this room.  Paul (the photographer) favors Jules, so it is a perfect combination.  We’ve had fun each and every photo shoot getting Jules involved. She is amazingly patient and will do most anything asked.  Except get off the bed…that she won’t do. There is just something about white duvets and dogs. They go together like mud puddles and kids.

Ok, now about my photoshoot.


THIS, was supposed to be funny. This High School Senior-esque photo is supposed to make you laugh.  To remind you that remodeling can be stressful, and you should have some fun. Really. If I was being serious would I have worn those socks.  Well okay, maybe, but still…this is funny, right? Right?




Okay, maybe I’m the only one who gets me.

Anyway, this room was a blast to design.  I hope it encourages you to tackle your forgotten room and design with intention.



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The Farmhouse Project: The Master's Lounge
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  • Deb says:

    What color.gray did you use for the walls they are calm and relaxing and gorgeous.

    • Kjersti Maday says:

      Hey Deb, the color in the guest Bedroom is called Farmhouse by Sherwin Williams. Ironic that we would use it in our “Farmhouse Project”, right? -Kj

  • Karen Grosz says:

    Wow, absolutely lovely. I have moved away from painting and creating new out of old with the lack of time, but some day will go back to it when I am finished with my schooling. But still love to see what others can create. Oh and that sign…I love that quote. Very cool find.

  • Twyla Hilscher says:

    Can you tell me what the color of paint is that you have on the wall in the guest bedroom. I love it. Thanks you

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