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Annie Sloan Launches NEW Black & White Wax

By June 2, 2016 4 Comments

It is no secret that I dream about painting furniture in my sleep.  I’m weird like that.  (Well that is only one of a gaggle of reasons, there’s not enough time to discuss all of them.)

So, when it was announced that Annie Sloan the furniture painting and Chalk Paint® inventing Queen was releasing two new waxes, a Black and a White, I immediately began salivating at the thought of getting back to the studio and painting (and waxing) something….ANYTHING!

It has been a crazy season of events here at Eco Chic and we’ve had the waxes for a few weeks now, and finally this week I got the chance to try my Karate Kid moves on them.

Wax ON.

Wax OFF.

For those of you who don’t understand this reference, because you weren’t even born yet when this movie came out, …I can’t help you.  You missed all the good movies…and don’t even get me started on Top Gun.

Well now I’m distracted thinking about that volleyball scene.  YOWZERS!  Is it HOT in here?  Or is it just 41 year old me?

Ok, back to waxing…right.

You are going to love these new wax colors.   The two options before were Clear and Dark, which is a rich brown.  While both of them are gorgeous, I was looking for a wax that was a cool tone to use when working in rooms with grays and blues.  Well let me tell you! This new Black wax is so delicious.

I recently tried it over the color Napoleonic Blue and fell completely in L.O.V.E.  The depth of the color and the richness it brings out is really stunning.

NOTE: I mix the Black Wax with the Clear Wax to knock back the intensity a bit.  The sample board in the lower photo is waxed with a ratio of 5:1 (Clear and Black).  The Black is strong and used by itself will overpower the paint color. Once I’ve waxed with the mixture I then go back and apply full strength black wax to detailing using a small kids paint brush, and wipe away excess.


I created a quick sample board for the store and as you can see here the White Wax too looks great over Napoleonic Blue but just in a different way.  It lightens and creates interest when applied over dark colors.



The White Wax is subtle and can be used full strength, I find no need to knock back the intensity with clear wax.  But I did go back with more White Wax and apply with a small brush to the detailing, to bring out the lines of the piece.

Now let’s take a look at Black Wax over the color Pure White.

WHAT!?  Black over Pure WHITE?!! Are you crazy Maria…, well yes, but that isn’t the point.

Because…LOOK!  It is gorgeous!


Here is what I did.  I applied two coats of Pure White Chalk Paint®,  let dry, and then applied a single coat of Clear Wax.  While the Clear Wax was still wet, I took Black Wax full strength, using a small paint brush and applied to detailing.  Then I wiped back the excess with a rag, leaving  black wax in the grooves and then gently blended the excess black wax over the remainder of the piece.



Because I applied the Clear Wax first I was able to control how much of the Black Wax grabbed onto the paint and wipe away where I had more than I wished for.

What resulted, is a very distinct finish with so much character and class wrapped into one, I can hardly stand it.

Now, the wipe strip down the middle is the unwaxed paint, and the left hand side is actually the White Wax over the dried paint.  I know it seems weird that the middle is whiter than the left side since we placed White Wax over the paint, but what you are seeing is the fact that while wax is still wet it can sometimes make the paint a bit translucent and the bottom color shows through.  I was so anxious to take the photo I didn’t let any of the waxes dry.

IMG_3151-1Let’s take a look at some examples from Annie Sloan herself.


White Wax

Above you can see Clear vs White Wax over colors and below you see the difference of Black, Brown and Clear over various colors. Dark wax

With 32 Chalk Paint®  colors, the hundreds, maybe thousands, of mixing options and now FOUR different wax colors.  You can just paint until you are all hot and sweaty just like those volleyball players in Top Gun.

Have Fun,



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  • Mary Ann ELVRUM says:

    So interested in this…..

  • stacey reid says:

    Do you have to apply clear wax over top of the white wax?

  • Gina says:

    I have a set of gold mirrors that were my grandmother’s. I have been thinking of painting them for six years but have been worried that I would ruin them. I spray painted one of them with rustoleum black spray paint flat. Then thought that it should have a little shine so I used black in semi gloss. Now I think it’s too shiny and want something to soften it all up. Do you have any suggestions? I was wondering if I could apply the white wax and how that would look. I would appreciate any ideas that you might have.

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