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Farmhouse Project {update}

By June 29, 2016 5 Comments

It has been some time since I’ve updated you on the Farmhouse Project. With such a busy spring event season, I decided for my sanity (mostly Tate’s) we would pause, so we could catch our breath and our budget catch up. Now that things have settled down, I’m crazy excited to get back to the project.

Clint + QA 49

If I’m being truthful, I was really trying to catch my breath after hugging Clint Harp at Design Conference. What a great guy and a great day that was.  

Ok, back to work…

So now it’s go-time, let me show you what I’m working on at the farmhouse. 

Tate’s Bathroom Project


Tate decided he wanted full design control over the “guy” bathroom, so he is designing it. It has been gutted and waiting for inspiration to strike him for about three months now. Well before I strike him (just kidding, I would never hit Tate) but I might hide all his fishing pole, I’ve stepped in and given him some suggestions.  So we will see how it turns out, there has been movement on his part and I think it is coming together nicely. Reveal coming in August…maybe September.  More than likely September, let’s just be real here.

The Laundry Room


I intended to go easy on the budget here and keep the cabinets, and then this happened.


Guess What?  We are getting new cabinets!  I needed to see what was under the old cabinets because I like things clean and freshened up.  Actually if you know me, you know I was just checking for spiders.

Good News, there were no spiders, but once I had gone that far…I decided, what the heck, let’s get all new cabinets!

The guest room for the guys. 

Since I made the guest bedroom and bathroom on the west side of the house so feminine, we decided to give the bedroom on the east side a more manly look. So it has been demoed and ready for it’s new look.


Of course Jules will need to approve the new design plan and we still need to remove that wallpaper, but other than that it is ready for inspiration.

Let’s get Inspired

For me, the first step in design is to sit down and gather some inspiration for the upcoming rooms. I’m a big fan of magazines, I just love the feel of the pages in my hands, so that is alway my first go-to when searching for inspiration.


Isn’t that house on my screen beautiful? I’m using it as inspiration as I design the exterior of the house which is coming down the road quickly. 
I (along with the rest of the free world) get inspiration from the many lovely TV shows on HGTV and DI. This particular morning, I’m watching my favorite, Fixer Upper. No one can match the vision and style of the lovely Joanna Gaines!


Jules doesn’t like Fixer Upper that much, she prefers A Dog with a Blog on Nickelodeon, which is surprising, because she’s likely the only dog in Fargo that has actually met Chip & Joanna.

She also is not allowed on that chair.

She listens real well.

We’ve trained her ourselves.

(Note to Self: Don’t buy that expensive couch)

As I mentioned earlier, the laundry room renovation is under way.  


It so interesting when past layers of style and design appear, and to see the changes over the years. 

Speaking of things changing, do you think we should keep these?


If you said, “What is that?” we can no longer be friends.

Just kidding, we are still friends.  I’ll text you later.  Just NOT on that.
So while the carpenter was demoing the laundry room, I went shopping for tile.


Do you see any tile here?

Me neither, but this is where I always end up, every time I go shopping for tile, flooring, cabinets, screws, garbage bags and anything else Lowes sells.

This might explain the reason I’m always a tad behind schedule.

I was able to pull myself away from the plants and flowers for a moment to go shopping for flooring.

Since the laundry room, hallways, kitchen and cedar room (that big room we showed you in the beginning with the Game of Thrones table) all run together; I’m going to keep the flow seamless and run the same flooring the entire way. We’ve decided to go with laminate, considering we expect to always live in a non-humid environment, and always have a dog who likes to run laps in our house.

Here are our three selections as of now.

Tate favors the one in the middle because he likes the texture and tone, and luckily I don’t disagree so that might be our flooring.

Update: I since disagreed and am back on the hunt for a new laminate color. Shocking, I know. 

Once we get the laundry room figured out we are heading next to the exterior of the house with doors and windows. The house painter wants to get painting by end of August, so the new doors and windows need to be in place by then. The kitchen will wait until this portion is done. 



There is much to be done out here, put in windows, replace the rock, paint the house and complete the landscaping, but Tate and I are going to try to remember to take this at an acceptable pace for our nerves and budget. I hope you’ll also remember to enjoy our all-too-short summer and the beauty it brings.

So there you have it, a quick update on what is happening at the house.  I hope the next time we visit I have some afters to show you.

Until then, I’m off to Omaha to take in Junkstock and eat a turkey leg the size of my arm.



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  • Anita Pearson says:

    Love your updates and watching your home transform. I have the same problem at Lowes…I think it’s due to jealousy that I can’t keep a plant alive. I could stroll through the green house with a cup of coffee for hours.

  • Myrna Lende says:

    I love what you’re doing to the house. Nadine is my husband’s sister and both are near and dear to our hearts! It’s so wonderful to see the house come to life in a new way, with new people and your wonderful decorating ideas!

    You see, we all (four generations) of Lende’s spent our lives there. There were birthday parties, graduation parties, holiday dinners, family dinners and just plain love in that house. Children chased with their cousins up and down the stairs, around the yard and down to the river.

    I could write a book about the place, the people and the journey called life. So much of it played out at that very place you now call home. I’m glad you love it.

    • Maria says:


      Thank you so much for sharing. The house is a VERY special house to us. We’ve heard from many relatives and love hearing all the stories. We got to spend some time with Darrel and Nadine before they moved out of the home and loved hearing stories from them too. Darrel helped me plant the gardens our first summer in the house and Nadine and I had a handful of conversations over coffee. It was such a blessing to get to know her. We welcome relatives to come visit and see the changes we have made. The house was beautiful when we got it, we just want to put our touches on it. We could feel the love the moment we walked in the home. It was obvious that it is a special place. I hope I get to meet you one day and hear some of the stories. xo, Maria

    • Maria says:

      Also, I would love to see old photos of the house and gatherings if you have any you would like to share. You can email:

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