The Eco Chic Story

In the Beginning ~ The Eco Chic Story ~ Chapter 1

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“I’m just not creative like you.”

“Have you always been this creative?”

“Did you always want to do this (business)?”

“I bet your house looks amazing”

“I could never do what you do, I’m just not very creative.”

“How did you get started?”


Yes you are!


Never crossed my mind.


Yes you can!

Well….let me tell you.



That is how often I get asked one of the above questions.

I love them because I’m proud of what I’ve created, grown and accomplished in the six years that Eco Chic Boutique has been in existence, but it also worries me that others many not find the creativity in themselves when they look at me because they think I was born with a certain ability. I wasn’t.

It was May 1st, 2010, when I walked through the doors of Eco Chic for the very first time and I carried with me front door keys, excitement for what could be, a bundle of nerves and a tish of regret.  Little did I know that regret would grow to the size of a blue ribbon state fair pumpkin.  It would be heavy, and kind of ugly.

What I also carried through that door was something instilled in me from the time I could walk.

The belief that hard work is a way of life, a religion of sorts and something you did, without complaint.

Every Single Day.

As my mom would say, “It’s your baby, you gotta rock it.”

I grew up on a farm in South Dakota with a father who is short on patience, and long on work ethic.   I may not agree with his style, tactics or much of his beliefs, but what I can’t argue with is that he taught me how to work hard.


It was those teachings, I carried with me that very first day. This was my baby and I better get to it.  I’ve got one month to get this thing shined up and ready to meet the public.

And so began the journey of Eco Chic {a green boutique for baby, mom and home.}

Wait! What?! A baby store!?  You mean Eco Chic didn’t always sell chalk paint, furniture and home decor?

No. No my child, it didn’t.

In the beginning it was all cloth diapers, organic dog treats and lactation supplies.

Yes, I said lactation supplies.

Maria, how in the world did you get from there… to HERE??   Great question.

Let me tell you. It’s a great story. Pour yourself a cup coffee, but put a lid on it, because the ride gets bumpy.

We go from spray paint, to the death of uncle Stan, to the helicopter ride that change my life, and that is only the beginning.

It gets good.

Real Good.

My goal is that by time we finish this journey together, you never say.

“I could never do that.”

Because, let me be the first to tell.

YES! Yes, you can.



Hang On,



(See! Diapers and Lactation Supplies. I wasn’t making this stuff up)

This photo was taken shortly after Eco Chic Opened in June of 2010.



Sell The Damn Hutch


  • Krysti says:

    WTH!?!?! You can’t just stop like that, you have to finish the story Maria…not next week, not tomorrow, TODAY! Cripes sake child! How, pray tell, am I supposed to sleep wondering about a helicopter ride, your uncle’s death, and the migration from diapers to decor! Here I thought it all revolved around your husband’s famous words, “sell the damn hutch!” MARIAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    • Maria says:

      HI Krysti

      A lot of it did revolve around that simple phrase but there were so many other things that occurred during our journey that when I look back I’m amazed at them all. It has been a interesting and blessed journey (it didn’t alway feel that way though) and I’m hopeful that sharing it with others with be inspiring….or maybe it will put everyone to sleep. Ha! Thanks for your encouragement.

  • Dara says:

    It’s chapter one and I almost started crying! I would have if I was alone not surrounded by kids! I feel like I was given a gift in the fact that I knew you before and watched you build your amazing store! My only regret is that I didn’t live closer and have more money to buy more so it was a tiny bit easier for you!! Keep on killing it lady and know I’m always cheering you on from far away!! Miss you!

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