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Camp Bosak at Junk Market

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I started this simple little blog post 736 hours ago.  I was doing just fine, until….

I started to look through old photos.

I’m warning you right now…photos will kill you!

Kill you dead! On the spot, your heart will stop beating, you won’t be able to breathe, and then you will pass out from the pain.  The pain from time whizzing by so fast that you can’t comprehend what is happening and your body just fails you.

Whizzing kills.


It was just a lucky coincidence I had this photo…to make my point.  Sometimes God is just on your side.

Just kidding, whizzing doesn’t kill (I know you were worried) but time does fly by FAST!  It became painfully obvious when I started looking back at our Camp Bosak adventures over the years.

We started Camp Bosak (it wasn’t named that then) when my first nephews (on my side) were born.  We decided to have Collin (my brother Kyle’s son) and Brent (my sister Tanya’s son) over for a fun weekend and do a little something special for their mommas and papas for Christmas.

We dressed up the babies and let them decorate Christmas cookies and had a fun photo shoot, which in turn was then a fun Christmas slide show and photos for their parents.


I’m dying on the spot right now because this is the only photo I can find of this day.  I’m sure the others are stuck somewhere on an old computer.

The following year we had them paint.


Don’t worry it was non-toxic kids paint and we took it out of his mouth as soon as we snapped this cute photo… and two million more.  He’s fine… we fed him some dirt later.

From that point, Camp Bosak was ON!

The nephews kept coming (literally, one born every year) and we kept hosting. With each year the boys getting more and more independent.  We moved away from diapers and car seats and on to bb guns and driving golf carts (by themselves).

There has been LOTS of swimming.

2014-07-31 15.07.54262544_10150753294025174_975547_n2014-07-31 15.50.03307208_10150781608550174_7460625_n


This was the quarter game.  Uncle throws in coins and they have to find them. Genius!


Nobody was harmed here…it was way in the distance.  The sun was shining were I was standing.

2016-08-21 12.34.36

The old pool didn’t make it to the new house…they had to swim this year in Jule’s pool.

There has been lots of pizza.

2014-07-31 18.13.23

And Popcorn.


2014-07-31 20.54.04

A little “coffee.”


2015-06-05 11.27.48

BIG fishing.


Da Zoo.




(OH…My Gosh….this one is killing me!!!)  I’m dead. Again.

We went to Cherry Berry…Once, or Twice…or maybe Every Day!

2014-07-31 19.55.25



Sometimes we added kids that weren’t “ours.”




To say that we have had fun over the years is the understatement of my life.

Camp Bosak has filled my HEART in ways I can’t explain. Just look at the fun we have had.


41176_10150231864450174_3316115_n2014-08-01 12.11.00

This year was the first Camp Bosak at the new house, and the outdoors was the theme.

2016-08-19 17.26.08

Don’t worry it is only a BB gun, and uncle Tate only let them pump it four times so the BB barely rolled out of it.

2016-08-19 17.05.29 HDRThey boys have grown big enough to help with the remodeling.  They still consider work fun so we are going to ride this wave….AS LONG AS WE CAN.  Then again, you give them  hammers and let them beat on ANYTHING they are going to be happy.

2016-08-21 12.18.15 HDR

We didn’t feed them until the wall was gone….they are still there.

Just kidding, they knocked a few stones off and then went back to swimming.  Later the landscaping folks drove a tractor through it.

So how does this all apply to Eco Chic and Junk Market?

Good Question. It only took me seventeen hours to get to my point.

The reason for all this reminiscing is that this year, Camp Bosak is making an appearance at Junk Market for the very first time.

I got thinking about it after we hosted a Popsicle Party at the stores.  It was super fun and I wanted to carry this over to Junk Market.



Kids will get to enjoy a Coloring Contest at Fargo’s longest coloring table (we don’t know if this is true but we are saying so), Camp Bosak Bing0 and Face Painting. 

The coloring table will feature a coloring contest where three (randomly selected) kids will win prizes at the end of Junk Market.  (They will be selected at 4pm on Saturday.)  Color sheets can also be picked up ahead of time at the Fargo Eco Chic location and brought to Junk Market.

Check out these adorable coloring sheets designed by our girl Morgan.

Free Face Painting will be happening Friday from 3pm to 5pm and Saturday from 9:30am to 11:30am.

Bingo cards will be available all day and can be turned in at the Eco Chic booth for a special prize when completed.


Eco Chic is a family business and we want to welcome your kiddos the way we welcome “our boys” into our home each year.

So bring the kids, (admittance is free for ages 12 and under) to Junk Market and let them have some fun at Camp Bosak.


Aunt Ria

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