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Two, Easy DIY Valentine Garlands

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Seriously, DIY projects just can’t get any easier, or cuter than these two Valentine garlands! Sit down with your favorite movie tonight and you’ll have some adorable Valentine decorations ready to hang in no time!

This is the easiest and fastest decoration you’ll ever make in your life, really! And, it’s easily adaptable to any holiday or occasion depending on the paper you choose!

Circle Garland

1. 4-8 pieces of scrapbook paper (I also used a page torn out of an old book)
2. Circle punch
3. Glue stick
4. String or twine
5. Optional – thumb tacks or clothespins for hanging

Circle Garland Supplies

Use your circle punch to cut circles out of each piece of paper.

Circle Garland Step 1

Glue one side of a circle. Then, place your string across the center of the circle and cover it with a second circle. Repeat this extremely complex process until your garland has reached the length you desire.

Circle Garland Step 2

Circle Garland Step 3

Circle Garland Step 4

Circle Garland Step 5

What did I tell you, easy, right? Ok, now on to the Heart Garland. This one is just as easy as the first, but takes a little bit more time than the Circle Garland because it involves a little bit of hand stitching. No worries though – you can totally handle this, I promise!



1. White, grey, and red felt
2. Jute twine
3. Red thread and a sewing needle
4. Scissors
5. Sharpie or fabric marker
6. Heart stencil (I made my own by drawing a heart on cardstock and cutting it out)
7. A really good chick flick and a bowl of ice cream veggie tray

Heart Garland Supplies

Use your heart stencil to trace hearts onto the felt and then cut them out.

Heart Garlad Step 1 b

Ok, here’s where the hand stitching comes in – it only takes a few stitches to attach the corner of the heart to the twine. I used the boards in my work table to space the hearts, but you could also use the width of three or four fingers. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could sew the hearts on that way and it might even be a bit faster, but sewing machines make me cry, so I opt for hand stitching!

Heart Garland Step 2


Isn’t that adorable?! I think I’m in love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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