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DIY: How to Weather New Lumber with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

By March 1, 2014 3 Comments

Ever wanted to make something really cool with old, weathered wood that’s full of character and old-world charm, but didn’t have the cool weathered wood to do it?!

You know, like all those crazy cool things you see on Pinterest? How about this cool sign?

weathered wood sign

Or this awesome headboard??

weathered wood headboard

Or THIS??!!

weathered wood stairs

Well, sigh no more my dear – you CAN get this look with new lumber! And here’s how, with just a little help from Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan:


  • Graphite Chalk Paint®
  • Paint brush
  • Small bowl of water
  • White rag
  • Clear Soft Wax by Annie Sloan
  • Drop cloth
  • Wax Brush


Dip your paint brush in the bowl of water – just far enough to get the tips of the bristles wet.


Then, dip your wet brush into your paint – again, just a little will go a long way.

paint on brush logo

Next, wipe your brush across the surface you want weathered.

the wash 2 logo

The paint will be very thin and drippy, so use a rag to wipe the excess paint and water away. If the color is too thin, dip your brush in a little more paint and paint back over the surface, it will mix right in with the water paint already there. The same goes for if you feel the paint is too think and you want less color – just brush on a little more water and it will thin it right down and you can wipe it right away. It’s like magic!

two boards weathered with rag logo

When the paint is dry, the finishing step is to apply the Clear Soft Wax. Because I had nice big, long boards, I chose to use a brush for the wax, but you could use a nice white rag (t-shirt material, something that won’t leave a fuzz behind) instead.

Dip the brush in the wax, then rub it into the wood like lotion. You’ll be able to tell where you’ve been with the wax by a little sheen in the wood. A little bit goes a long way here, people – remember that old saying, “a dot, a dot, a dot, does a lot!” Totally applies. When you’ve waxed the whole piece, you can go back over it again with a clean rag and buff it up. This just helps to make sure you don’t have any excess wax hanging out anywhere.

wax on brush

apply wax

And there it is! It’s so easy, it’s just silly.

Washed Valance

And here is our “weathered” wood all finished and staged!

Finley Nursery

I am so thrilled with how this room turned out and the wood was absolutely, the perfect touch! If you had a nice stash of “weathered” wood, what would you make with it?


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