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The Farmhouse Project

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I’m on the roof!  There’s a really great reason for that, besides the awesome view.

This month we reveal and launch The Farmhouse Project.

This past spring Tate and I decided to slowly start looking into buying a place in the country. We’ve always dreamed of having room to roam.  Tate wants to roam all over the land. I want to roam all over our house. So we looked for both and found it, NOT so slowly.  The only problem was, we hadn’t sold our house, or even put it on the market. Not yet.

In the midst of launching the Eco Chic Design Conference with guest speakers Chip & Joanna Gaines (yes I totally just name dropped and it felt awesome) we found our new home. LIKE THE WEEK OF THE DESIGN CONFERENCE!  ONLY THE BIGGEST EVENT WE’VE EVER PULLED OFF!

So as we were entering the busiest (and most stressful) week of our careers we found ourselves in need of placing our home on the market (and selling it) in the next three days in order to secure the purchase of what was about to become our new house. Fingers crossed and prayers said.

No Pressure.


It seemed crazy to take this all on in one week but their was a voice telling me to “Go for it” so we jumped and the net appeared.

So we bought a house, sold a house, hosted Design Conference and fed Chip and Joanna Gaines lasagna in our soon to be old house all in the one week and it was AWESOME!

So that brings us to today, the launch of The Farmhouse Project.

The Farmhouse Project will be our journey of renovating, remodeling, and re-purposing our new home.  This journey will be featured in Design and Living Magazine for the next year. You will get to walk alongside us as we bring new life to this beauty who is stuck in 1978.

We will share with you the challenges, successes and details of how we tackle this project. We will introduce you to the contractors, friends and systems we used to bring our dreams to reality. We hope our journey will inspire you to try new things, motivate you to bring new joy to your home, and even make you laugh once in a while.

We believe in home. We believe in family. We believe in creating spaces to gather together. We believe in Love. You should LOVE your home. It doesn’t need to be big. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It needs to be Yours, and it should hug you upon arrival and shelter those you hold dear.

Let’s go home…together.

Ok. Enough mushy mush stuff. Let’s check this new baby out!

Let’s take a look at how the house looked when we first moved in and hang on for the first reveal of our journey.

The Farmhouse Exterior:


Look at all those trees! The house is tucked back in the trees along the river, it is so cozy.

But I will admit we didn’t love those bushes out front. While they were pretty, they blocked much of the view, so we removed them earlier this spring.


Next spring we will begin the process of building an outdoor seating area with fire pit and pergola here. Tate is designing it. I’m not nervous. NOT at all. Do I look nervous? It is only the first thing you see when you pull in the driveway. No, I’m not nervous at all. I think all color-blind fishermen, with no sense of spacing, should try their hand at design.

If that design, is the inside of their FISHING SHACK!

No, I’m not nervous at all.  Just kidding, he will do a great job. Maybe.

Ok, enough about the fire pit area. Let’s look at the courtyard.  This area will get a facelift as well.


Lava rock is already gone. Pretend you don’t see it here. Next will be removing all small rock and putting down a stone patio with a rock fireplace on this end of the photo.  We will also paint the courtyard wall, move the front door and change the rock on the house.


Ok. Inside we go.

The Farmhouse Interior:


Here is the kitchen. It is spacious and has great views to the back and front yards. We’ve watched many deer already from those windows. Our future plan is to remove all cabinetry, take out the wall separating the dining room and the kitchen and give it a complete facelift.


Ok, we turn out of the kitchen, and head toward the dining room, but, before we get there take a look at this wall. The new front door will sit here, creating not only a nice view out front, but also giving the front of the house great curb appeal and a beautiful focal point.


Swinging right we take a look at the dining room. The wall to the right is blocking our view into the kitchen, but won’t be there once we remodel.  This will open up the dining room and kitchen to make one big kitchen and dining room.


Here is another look at that wall. Just think about all the space once it is gone. I can hardly wait.


Let’s swing around the corner and take a look at the main floor living room. The debate is still on whether or not the rock stays on the fireplace. My vote is to demo it, but Tate is still undecided. I guess you will have to wait and see who wins this arm wrestling match.


Ok, backing up and heading down the hallway off the dining room and around the corner from the living room.


I’m crazy excited for the laundry room. I’ve never had a real laundry room. Our last house had a space in the basement with the hot water heater and furnace. I’m excited to have a fancy place to lose socks and make piles of forgotten laundry.

The stove you ask? Yes, it seems out of place, but it was used by the previous owners when they had large functions or they were canning. We will move it, but I’m in love with the fact that they canned so much food. I’m excited to get back to canning and baking.


Ok, the tour continues.  Here is bedroom #1 on the main floor. This will become a guest bedroom.


Here is bathroom #1 on the main floor.  We affectionately call it the yellow bathroom. We’re creative like that.


Ok, swinging back into the kitchen let’s take a look down the hallway off the east side of the house.


Here we’ve got bedroom #2 and a bunch of crap I haven’t found a home for yet or hung on a wall. Happens to the best of us. This room makes me giggle and get all weepy.  This will be a….WAIT for it!  BUTLER’S PANTRY!!  The kitchen is just on the other side of that flowery papered wall. We will connect it with a door to the kitchen.  Just the thought of it makes me happy. I’ve always wanted a large pantry to hold baking supplies and such, all within reach of the baking and cooking space. I’m over the moon about it.


Here is bathroom #2 on the main floor. What do you think we call it?


See, you’re catching on.

This is the blue bathroom. This will become Tate’s bathroom, which he gets to design himself. So excited for it to come alive.

Next on the list is another bedroom. This will be another guest room.


Ok, swinging back around let’s head upstairs.


Tah Daah! Living room #2.  Can you spot Tate’s favorite thing about this room?


If you said the flip down record player and 8-track player you are a genius, or you’ve been in our house. Because who in the world has a flip down record player and 8-track player in their home? THIS GIRL does…Tate loves them. They will stay. They are wired to play throughout the house and we think that is totally awesome that we can put a record on upstairs and listen to it in the garage.  Think of how ahead of its time this was in 1978! Imagine listening to records and dreaming one day of a world where you will be able to see the person you are talking to on the phone. Crazy Right?  Like that would ever happen.


Ok, enough Techy Talk.  Let’s look at the master bedroom.

Here she is.

I’m actually tucked in bed, in this bedroom while typing this, and I can tell you it is all dolled up (pun intended) and looking nothing like this.  You will see it and read all about it in the December issue of Design and Living Magazine.


Speaking of all dolled up, here is the green bathroom I spoke of earlier.  It must have been the “in” thing to do in 1978 to match your toilet to your tub and surround it all with carpet. I find it completely charming, even though I plan on demoing the heck out of this room, with a few exceptions.


Ok, now to the room that sold the house.


Yes, let’s say it again. S.O.L.A.R.I.U.M.

I could call it a sunroom but then I wouldn’t get to say solarium, and it makes me feel fancy to say solarium.

What do you think?  Do you like the solarium?

Would you like to drink coffee in my solarium and sit and watch the baby deer?

I do and I did. Done. Many times. I mean..

I have.


Ok. I will stop.



Here is the solarium (just once more) from the outside.


Ok, I know it is bugging you… what is behind door number #2?  Go ahead, scroll and take a look.




Tah Dah!  Tate and I affectionately call it the cedar room. We are creative like that. Some of our friends call it the Game of Thrones room. Either way, isn’t it Awesome!?

Ok, a few shots of Tate’s favorite spaces. The great outdoor spaces.

Tate’s Yard:







Jules gave the new home the stamp of approval! Now, let’s see that bathroom reveal already.

Here is the before one more time.


And here is the After.



Isn’t she lovely. (Yes I just sung that)

I can’t stop looking at her.

Can you spot the original pieces we kept?  Look closely.

We kept the original vanity. Gave it an additional 4″ lift and a new paint job with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.  We also kept the hanging lights.  They worked perfectly with the new mirror.

Let’s give you a rundown of all the great vendors and contractors we worked with to bring this beauty to life.

Carpentry – Stacey Schweitzer with  SJS Carpentry
Tile – Dave Meth with Tile Tech
Marble Countertop – Granites Unlimited
Faucet – E
Toilet – Home Depot
Shower Head & Sink – Ferguson 
Wall & Trim Painting – Gene’s Painting
Custom Shower Door (still to come) – Frontier Glass & Mirror
Decor, Clock, Wall Hooks, Mirror  – Eco Chic Boutique

I learned so much during this process.  As we continue from room to room I will share all of it, but I think this is enough for now. I get kind of long winded when I start typing.

Until then, feel free to reach out to me with your own renovation project questions and reveals at

For the complete story of how we purchased the house and the miracle that brought us here, head on over to the September issue of  Design and Living Magazine. 

See you next month when we reveal the master bedroom.



Woah! Its been over a year since this post, see what we’ve done since in our quick Farmhouse Review here.

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  • Derek Schreifels says:

    We have a flip down record player and 8-track in our 1975 rambler we just moved into in August.

  • Maxine fagerland says:

    We have a cute pergola that Tate can come and look at. Love your house

  • Charlotte Hoverstadt says:

    Your old home ec. teacher is so proud of you and I can’t wait to see more. This home is a dream!!!

  • Cathy Linke says:

    LOVE the new bathroom. You are doing such a GREAT job with this house. The memories are always going to be there but I am so happy for you guys to give her some much needed updates.
    Can’t wait to see more of your remodel . You guys are so lucky to have gotten such a gem.:)

  • Robyn says:

    I’m beyond excited to see what you do with the house. I grew up, along with many of my cousins, playing in that house and ruling the yard. Picking strawberries from the garden and sliding down the staircase. And we always called them the Yellow and Blue bathrooms too. I think you should keep the names 😉
    There is SO MUCH LOVE in that house, it’s so special, and I’m thrilled to see someone loving it still!

  • Patti says:

    Beautiful home – it has great bones! It’s going to be gorgeous when you are done!

  • sarah bertrand says:

    i can’t wait to see more !!! Beautiful home !

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