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Gift Wrapping for Lumberjacks

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I don’t really know any lumberjacks but I couldn’t find a better word to describe the vibe I was going for while wrapping some gifts for the Grain Designs Pop-Up Holiday Shop. Those guys are kind off lumberjacks.


See.  Lumberjacks.

Although I must say in this photo they actually look rather confused. It is almost like you can hear Blain saying “It just fell down? Was that suppose to happen?”  Then Grant is all like,  “What the H E Double Hockey Sticks just happened?”  Where Phil is looking all sympathetic and wants to give someone a hug.  That Phil is a hugger.  Really. Next time you see him, just go right up to him and snuggle him in close. He likes that.

I might be reading to much into one photo. Either way they look like lumberjacks to me.

Lets move on.

(Before someone finds out the building fell down)

Ha Ha! I maybe had to much eggnog today…I’m finding that all really funny.

Let’s move on.

The guys have been in our Eco Chic Design Center since the beginning of November hosting a Pop-Up Holiday shop selling their masculine and totally awesome reclaimed wood products.

We’ve been friends for the past few years and I was excited to have them share our space this Christmas season.  I get inspired by what they are creating, and they are just all around fun guys to be around.  I offered to add the Christmas touches to the space for them.  It gave me a chance to try some new design tactics when decorating a space for boys who sell reclaimed wood products. These boys are all boy and  I figured glitter and tinsel wasn’t going to do it.  I just don’t see any of them getting excited about glitter.

Except Grant. He really likes glitter.  But he is kind of shy about it. So let’s not mention it to him.

Let’s move on.

So when it came time to wrap some gifts for under their tree, I decided we needed to be less gold feathers and more flannel.  You know, lumberjack-y looking packages.

Here is what I came up with.  I had a blast wrapping and accessorizing these boxes and thought you might like to see what I came up with.





Pretend the one above says Pat.  It is a joke I forget Pat.  Then I go and forget Pat.  He is going to take me completely off the Christmas card list if I don’t shape up.




Let’s face it, any reason to go shopping for ribbon is a good reason.  I will admit I buy lots of ribbon but my gift wrapping skills are below average, so this year I wanted to change that.  I wanted to try some untraditional colors, some layering, some different textures and just see what happened.  It was super fun.  I encourage you to just go play a little and have fun wrapping gifts.  Don’t worry if they don’t look like the ones on tv.  That is all pretend.  This is real life. You will spill the modge podge and the glitter, that is ok.



I did actually find a way to incorporate a little glitter into this black, red and flannel-fest.  If you put glitter on antlers it is masculine with just a touch of  sparkle without upsetting the lumberjacks.

I also played with one of my favorite mediums, cement.  I’m not sure why it is so satisfying to cement sticks, in cement.  Just don’t wait to long to insert the sticks into the cement, there is defintely a window of “to wet” to “hard as cement,” you must time it just right, or it is so wrong.

All in all, the wrapping was a success, and so very fun, and I love how the gifts look underneath this cute salvaged wood tree the guys made.



If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to stop on in, their Christmas Pop-Up Shop open each Fri, Sat & Sunday from now until the end of December.  Just don’t shake the presents.  They’re empty.  It is a cold nasty trick and not very Christmas-ish.  Their real gifts are coming wrapped in grocery sacks.  Because let’s face it.  The season is busy, and that is how we roll at the Bosak house.

Merry Wrapping,


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