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The Farmhouse Project: Master Bedroom

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Okay, this lead-in photo, of me looking out the window, that is funny, right?  It was suppose to be funny… If you know me, you got this. If you don’t know me, you think I’m a total dork who sips coffee in my bathrobe while looking out my bedroom window, while a photographer perches on my roof and snaps my photo.  TOTALLY, real life.

I had to go find the bathrobe and dust it off, just to take this photo. I’m fully dressed underneath. It was HOT. Not to be confused with HAWT. There is nothing sexy about this photo, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but you know what is sexy?  The After photo of the master bedroom. Ok, sexy is maybe going a little far, saying sexy three times in one paragraph is NOT sexy.

Let’s move on.

If you search bedrooms on Pinterest you are going to find a bunch of beautiful beds that nobody ever sleeps in, totally unrealistic, and let’s be real, you need to save your money for the kitchen renovation, because with Joanna Gaines as my witness, this is where the real action happens (wink wink). The bedroom is just a very large hamper with a king sized dog bed.

I’m teasing, (a little), bedrooms are very important and you may find this to be the room in your house that you want to focus the most attention on when it comes to design, but for Tate and I we wanted to minimize the impact on our budget, while still creating a beautiful and cozy place to connect at the end of the day.

As I mentioned in my last Farmhouse blog post, we are starting on the upper level of the house and working our way down. We are doing this for a few reasons. First, we don’t want to have beautiful new flooring installed downstairs and then drag all the mess through it as we renovate the upstairs. Secondly, the upstairs needs the least amount of work and it is budget friendly to start there and work our way up (or down) to the larger projects.

Remodeling is new to us, and we want to sharpen our teeth on the more manageable projects before we dive into tearing down walls and redesigning the main rooms in the house.

Here is what the bedroom looked like when we purchased the house.

Master Bedroom Before:


I mean obviously we are keeping the green doll lamp. That won’t keep me up at night.  <shivers>

I’m teasing, this photo is how the previous owners had the bedroom styled and obviously we are different in age so the styles are going to vary. What we did love about this room was the saying above the bed, it says, “Together is a Wonderful Place to Be, Forever and Ever.” We couldn’t agree more, and it is a beautiful testament to the loving couple who owned this home before us, as you will see in the after photo I created my own saying for above our bed.

Quick note: Notice the popcorn ceiling with the double tray running all the way around the room? You will see this throughout the entire house. While I’m not in love with the popcorn ceiling, we did decide that it could stay in the bedroom and the upstairs living room. The cost to remove it was more than we were willing to spend on this part of the redesign. We wanted to save our money for other items such as french doors and outdoor fireplaces. Yes, I said french doors! It makes me happy just to type it.

Other things we kept and why: the carpet and the ceiling fan. Here is where compromise comes in. Tate loves having a ceiling fan in the bedroom, I would have loved a chandelier, but it is his room too and really it looks just fine. I’m going to save my points for the master living room when I take a sledgehammer to that rock fireplace when he goes fishing. I’m kidding, I wouldn’t do that, but I will cash in my ceiling fan points when the time is right.

What had to go was the wallpaper and the dark trim and doors. Now, I attempted to remove the wallpaper myself. After an hour and a half and only tiny section completed I realized it was time for another plan. That is when it hit me.



basement reveal 9

My friend Colleen and I had put it above our fireplace in the other house and it looked amazing. So I decided to replicate what we had done there.

Master Bedroom After:


Once again, the before:

2015-07-18 13.19.43

(Feel free to scroll up and down a bit, that is the best part of Before and Afters)

2015-07-18 13.20.19

and the after:


Let’s just talk about what simply painting can do. The transformation with just changing the trim and wall color is unreal. This is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to transform any room.

So, remember the saying above the bed from the previous owners? Well I wanted to duplicate the sentiment by making this sign, and also it is a little joke between Tate and I. For as long as we can remember we’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on September 6th, well come to find out this year (as some nice friends pointed out) Tate and I were reminded our anniversary is actually September 2nd. So, I thought it would be a funny reminder of our (real) anniversary date, to place the date above our bed. Don’t ask me how this happens, I’m just glad we were both on the wrong date so we can laugh about it together.


I’m sure you are asking, “Maria is that a coffee pot in your bedroom?” Why, yes it is. If you know me you know I LOVE my coffee, and now that the kitchen is all-the-way downstairs, I figured why not put a coffee pot upstairs.  I love smelling it while I’m getting ready in the morning. Tate is lucky I didn’t put in a full out espresso bar.


Our favorite accessory, of course, is Jules our nine year old pit/boxer mix. She is the sweetest thing in our house, and yes, she does get to cuddle with us in bed. She is part of our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We style with her in mind.   She loves the big windows and the quiet of living in the country.


The main focus of this room redesign was to obtain an updated, cozy, and peaceful feel without breaking the budget. We decided the popcorn ceiling with the racetrack edging could stay and we kept the carpet for now.

Down the road we may decided to upgrade the carpet and purchase new bedroom furniture, but I hope you will agree that even without the added expense the room looks fresh, clean and modern.

What are your favorite ways to spruce up a room on a budget? You can share in the comments below.

See you next time when we reveal the upstairs living room.

I’m off to get a cup of coffee, upstairs.




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PSSS: Wanna Get the Look? Here are the amazing contractors and stores we worked with:

Wall & Trim Painting: Gene’s Painting
Shiplap Installation: Stacey at SJS Carpentry
Bedspread: Target
Headboard: Handmade by Me
Boxwood topiary: Eco Chic Boutique
Bar Cart: Target
Dog Bed: HomeGoods
Love Sign: Handmade by Me
4-Legged Bed Model: 4 Luv of Dog Rescue

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  • Jody says:

    Loved this and how you made a fresh look without much expense. I too hate ceiling fans and don’t popcorn ceilings but when we remodeled I picked my battles too. We DO indeed have a ceiling fan in our new master bedroom and the hubs loves it. I got my window seat and smooth ceilings. Compromise is good because you both live in the space and want you both to be happy and comfy. I have a coffee maker in my bedroom too. The smell just makes mornings better and not a big expense at all. I love the big windows in your room and the ship lap is my FAV next to the soothing restful colors. I would LOVE to know if you have a favorite board and paint you use for shiplap as we are adding a mud room onto our home right now and it is the perfect place to finally put it in my house. I’m so giddy about it I want one of those #shiplap t-shirts. My best tips for freshening up a room on a budget is paint first and bedding second. A new color and some new bedding is a lovely way for a fresh inviting feel. I love mixing it up so it is far from a bed in a bag type of look and looks like it was collected over time. And personalizing a master bedroom with things such as your artwork is a lovely way to find peach and relaxation at the end of the day.

  • Kimberly says:

    Hi, Maria. What type and color of paint did you use to repaint the trim?

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