The best part of painting furniture is the Before & After photos. There is something so fun and magical about simply seeing where you started and where you ended up and all that you accomplished. Maybe this is why I like mowing lawn. You can see what you accomplished. In a world of mile-long checklists, any ‘After’ is a reason to celebrate.

Of course, I would celebrate with a Flat White from Starbucks…and funny goat videos. I mean if you are going to celebrate…you should go all out!

On the other hand, the trouble with Before & Afters is the fact that you actually have to take them. Then, you have to remember which phone or camera you took them with, and where you stored them once you downloaded them. That’s if you even remembered to take them at all. Not, that I’ve had THAT problem. I’m just saying…It could be frustrating.

So let’s celebrate the fact that I actually remembered to take some and found them hiding on my computer.

Here are some of my favorite Before & Afters of the last year or so.

Enjoy! (and sip slowly)


Before.IMG_8262This poor gal has lost her cushions. Maybe it was the floral pattern that sent them running.


After.IMG_0419(Ok, maybe which is which is obvious.)

Hey, look, the cushions came back.

We cannot take credit for the beautiful upholstery work. That was done by Jan Stickland. We painted her though, and gave her some distressing. Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!?

Ok. That was fun. Let’s do another!


A little fuzzy but here is the Before.IMG_9383


Magical! Right? Isn’t paint a glorious thing? Something so simple makes such an impact.

This piece was done with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in the color Eulalie’s Sky.

More! More!

Ok. Be patient.


Before.image_2Looks like this one is beyond help…or is it?


Wowzers! A potting bench.

She was a little too tore up to bring back into the bedroom, but she makes a perfect addition to the garage or greenhouse.

We gave her a Chalk Paint® washing in the color Old White, then cut a place for mixing dirt in her top and placed some pegboard where the mirror once was, and…Waalaa! Potting Bench!

This is fun, let’s do another.


She’s pretty, but she needs her roots done.


2015-09-02 17.19.21
Shazaam! Chalk Paint® in the color of Provence was just what this girl needed.


Ooohhh, remember this? My green bathroom. Do you remember how she turns out?


Like this!

I could do this all day. Didn’t I tell you Before & Afters were fun!

Ok, watch this.


Before.IMG_1291Oh, you won’t believe this one.  Close your eyes.


Ok, you can open them. 😉

“See” what I did there…Before & Afters make me silly.

I wish I had taken a photo before we cleaned it out. This one got a complete makeover, including new legs. Isn’t she pretty?

More! More!

Settle down little camper.


Before.IMG_8263Oh my. The stripes…and stuff.

But wait…


After.IMG_0415SHUT UP! No, you SHUT UP.

Ok. That wasn’t very nice. I’m sorry, but LOOK AT THEM!


Let’s try a kitchen.



All we did was change the color of the cabinets. Lights, countertops, floor, and backsplash all stayed the same. I promise. Go back and look.

Paint is so fun. It sure packs a punch.


Whoa! That was close, we almost forgot to take a Before photo, before we pulled out the paintbrush.


Gosh, she looks lovely in English Yellow Chalk Paint®.


Oh man this was such a blast we should do it more often.

I hope you enjoyed this little game of Before & After.

So what are you working on?  If you remembered to take your Before photos show us them and the After photos! We would love to see what you are up to.


PS:  To see lots of Afters as soon as they are done, join me on Instagram. @EcoChicBoutique

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  • Sarah Bertrand says:

    You are such an inspiration ! Your work is amazing !! Great job lovely lady !

  • Jackie Aellen says:

    Oh Maria you make me want to paint every stinking piece of furniture in my home! I could spend months creating before and afters but I think the hubby would think I forgot I had other things in life to accomplish, but really what fun and excitement it would be to just paint it all! You Rock Lady!

  • Melanie Nicklos says:

    So awesome to see the transformations! Very inspiring!

  • Kris Scarborough says:

    Awesome work! I love the colors!

  • Pam Killerlain says:

    That blue dresser is adorable! And the English yellow is so happy! Love these before and afters! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rita Vaughn says:

    Great fun photos -especially like the change in the kitchen cabinets.

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