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The Farmhouse Project : The Yellow Bathroom

By April 7, 2016 2 Comments

While I tried to embrace the yellow tub in the Yellow Bathroom, I was unable to find a way to fit it into my vision for this room.

I feel like I finally hit my creative stride here. I could see the room in my mind and just needed to bring it out into the open.

I had an image for tile in my head and needed to find it. I was thinking something black and white, with a Moroccan feel. That might seem weird since I’m very traditional and like clean lines, but I really wanted to stir things up a bit. I wanted to add a little interest to a small room that could easily get overlooked.

I finally stumbled upon the image in my head on I simply searched “black and white tile” and POOF! There it was. I completely fell in love…Tate not so much right away, but today he loves it. Ok, maybe LOVE is a strong word, but he likes it.

Ok, enough ramblings. Let’s take a look at how the Yellow Bathroom started and where it is today.


Yellow Bathroom After 1776

Yellow Bathroom After 1783

For days, I would walk into the room and just stare at the tile. It makes me so happy. Is that weird?

I don’t care if it is. I LOVE this tile.

Yellow Bathroom After 1787
You know what else I LOVE?

I finally found a home for a few of my grandma’s pieces. When I was in elementary school, my grandparents moved off the farm, and they built a house in town. They had two bathrooms, a pink one, and a blue one, and yes they had carpet in them too. My grandma loved the color pink, and when she passed, I got a few items from her pink bathroom. They include the clock on the wall and the matching candle holder on the shelf. I’ve had them in storage for over 17 years, and now they have a home in my house!

In this room, I also incorporated a reminder of the lovely couple who built this home. The pink floral light switch cover was in the bedroom adjacent to the is bathroom. I almost threw it away. But, I couldn’t believe how well it matched my grandma’s items. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I’m reminded each time I’m in this room of my grandma Caroline, the woman who made me a lover of flowers and gardening. And Nadine, who owned this home before me and let me carry on her legacy of gardening here.

Ok, I’m crying now so let’s get back to business. Here are a few designing tips and tricks when working in your home.

Yellow Bathroom After 1785To keep costs down, I didn’t want to move the electrical to accommodate a different style light fixture. So, I needed to find a long ceiling mount light that was a certain width, and I wanted it black.

Most ceiling mount lights are round and wouldn’t fit in this space. Then, I stumbled upon a bronze colored ceiling fixture with pendant drop lights. I found some silver cage pendants and just spray painted the entire thing flat black. It worked perfectly. The tip here is to know that you can change the color of fixtures, so you sometimes need to look past the color.

Also, we kept the old door and just spruced it up a bit and gave it more depth. It was a simple $10 upgrade that made the door feel like a more expensive panel door. Using some pine trim, we sectioned off the door with tape to make sure our spacing was accurate, and our lines were straight. Then, we simply glued the molding onto the door and filled all the seams with paintable caulking. The door went off to be sprayed and WAHHLA! It looks like you bought a new door. We also spray painted the current doorknob with the same black spray paint used on the light fixture. Everyone that sees the door thinks it is brand new. I LOVE sneaky money saving options that give you ALOT of bang for your buck!

I tell everyone who comes to my house what I did with this door. I’m just pleased as punch over how it turned out…I think Tate is a little tired of me talking about it. But, I must say he asked me last night if I was going to do the other doors in the house the same way. He likes to pretend I’m not WOWING him with my mad creative genes.

Another item that I modified to fit my design plan was the vanity. I found this gem at Lowes.

2015-12-28 11.01.51

Isn’t that a great selfie of Jim and me? Doesn’t he look thrilled to be helping me figure out which vanity to buy? I’m sure by this point I had rambled on for a while, and he was thinking…” just buy it already lady, I ain’t got all day.” He was actually super helpful and kind. We bonded that day, me and Jim, over toilets, vanities, and tubs.  {It was magical.}

The only part that didn’t fit was that it was white, and I wanted grey. But with Chalk Paint®, that is a simple fix. I gave it two coats of Paris Grey, a waxing with Clear Wax and she was perfect. The price was great; I just added a little sweat equity, and it was exactly what I wanted.

I love the contrast between the black and white and the vibrant accessories in this room. Tate feels like this is the “girly” bathroom and prefers to use one of the other ones, but that is ok. I think my grandma would approve. AND Tate gets his turn in a few months when he reveals his bathroom. From what I hear it involves wood, cement, and a BIG sink. One you can get your elbows down in. I think he may be getting a little tired of the dainty features I’ve been using. I’m excited to see what he comes up with.

If you like what you see in the new Yellow Bathroom here is a list of where you can get the look.

Wall Color: Rhinestone (7656)by Sherwin Williams
Wall Painters & Mudding: Gene’s Painting
Vanity: Lowes
Cement Tile: or Cement Tile
Toilet: Lowes
Shower Tile: Venatio Polished Marble from Lowes
Shower Tile Upper: Elida Linen Ice from Lowes
Tile Installer:  Dave Meth with Tile Tech
Demo & Sheetrock installer: Stacey Schweitzer with SJS Carpentry
Rustic Wood Shelves: Grain Designs Fargo
Light Fixture: Lowes (modifications by Maria)

Thank you for following our little remodeling project. It has been fun meeting some of you and hearing how you are enjoying the process. We love to hear what you are doing in your homes as well. So be sure to connect with us on social media.

Instagram: @ecochicboutique

Also, Design Conference with The Property Brothers and Clint Harp is only two weeks away, and there are great seats still available. We hope to see you there. It will be a day full of fun, inspiration, shopping, and meeting some of the coolest HGTV celebrities in the business.

Until next week,


Before & After
Mixing It Up with Chalk Paint®


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