Have you been painting with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan for a while now and looking to spice up the color palette? Well, you are in luck! Today, I’m going to show you how to spruce up your color options and put a little spring in your painting step.

A kind of hidden secret of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is how true the colors stay when you mix them. You won’t find your color mixture getting all muddy and gray. The reason being is, Annie doesn’t create her paint with a black base like some others. She uses true pigments that keep the color honest. So just like we learned in kindergarten class, (you know that wonderful place where we got cookies, milk, and nap time. There is many a day I wish we could have days like that again…sigh) you can mix yellow and blue, and it makes GREEN. It really is simple and fun.

Watch this fun video Annie Sloan mixing up a beautiful green color.

I love listening to Annie talk; her accent is so regal. I just sound like a farm girl from South Dakota and it ain’t so regal.  So, no video from me today, just some fun photos of a couple beautiful colors we mixed up in the Eco Chic Design Center.

Here is the piece we started with. She has nice lines, but much like me was looking a little faded and pale after winter. So we decided to give her some color and get her ready for summer.

coral dresser before

Let’s walk through how we mixed up her new color and then show you what she looks like today.

Eco Chic Sneak 145

We are using three colors to achieve a deep coral color, they are, Emperor’s Silk, Barcelona Orange and Pure White. Always start with small portions of each to figure out the ratio of what you need. We used equal parts of all three on this mixture.

Eco Chic Sneak 148

Yes, it is imperative to always draw a smiley face in your paint before mixing.

Eco Chic Sneak 150

Mixy. Mix. Mix.

Eco Chic Sneak 156

Oooohh…Ahhhh…the color emerges. (Someone get this hand model some lotion…and a manicure. Stat.)

Eco Chic Sneak 163

Test your color and let dry before mixing a larger portion of paint. The color always looks different when dry. If the color isn’t what you wished, add more or less of each color until you get the desired look.

Eco Chic Sneak 237

I love using this school chemistry lab beaker with measurements on the side. It makes measuring a breeze, and it sort of brings back memories from chemistry class. I got a C…ok a C-, but who’s counting. Furniture painters don’t need to know chemistry anyway.

Eco Chic Sneak 248Pour in all the colors.

Eco Chic Sneak 257

Then mix away. Being sure to scrape the sides.

Eco Chic Sneak 265

Eco Chic Sneak 172

Once you have your color just the way you want it, be sure to record it so you can come back at a later date and achieve the same color. (Ok, if we are being totally honest, this step I seldom remember.) I’m all pour and mix, and pour and mix, and more mixing…and very little “keeping track” and recording. I would be a terrible baker.

Now the fun part. Let’s see how this color looks on our faded pale girl. (The dresser- not me.)


Shazaam!! Wow! Look at her! She sure is springy!

Ok, that was a terrible joke.

But isn’t paint amazing? I’ve been doing this for years and I still get all giddy after a piece is completed.

Notice a few things…we left the handles original and we brushed over the carvings without painting in the grooves. This allowed her original features to shine through.

Full Disclosure: I did not actually paint this piece. Michelle, our head painter actually did the painting application. So she gets all the glory for a job well done.

Full Disclosure: Those are my old, tired, chapped hands in the photos. (You’re Welcome.)

Eco Chic Sneak 273

So the next time you want to spruce things up with Chalk Paint®, try your hand at paint mixing. I think you will find it to be super duper fun! Unlike chemistry class.

(No succulents were harmed in the mixing of this paint. They are just darn cute and wanted to be in the photo.)




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