I know I say this every time but this room was so fun to design (and is my favorite). The process began with the thought of just keeping the updates to this room at a minimum, and going easy on the budget, but as the process unfolded I decided to not skimp (just because it was a laundry room) but to give this room the same attention I have given to every other room.

That, and I needed to remove all the old cabinetry to make sure there wasn’t any spiders or collections of dust hanging out under them that might keep me up at night. You may think this is an exaggeration, it isn’t, I’m completely telling the truth. I have a fear of what is under and behind things that I can’t see. So taking it down to the bear bones and starting over gave me not only a clean slate to design from, but a chance to calm my fear of the unknown.

You want to judge (I would) but at this very moment you are wondering what is under and behind your bed that you haven’t moved in seven years… right?

Ha! Ok, enough true confessions. Let’s look at the before photos of the laundry room.


The stove was placed in this room by the former owner. She loved to can and this gave her the extra stovetop space she needed each season. I love the concept and we are going to incorporate it into the kitchen with a double oven and extra countertops for baking and cooking.


The Eco Chic girls and I removed two layers of vinyl flooring and a sub-floor. There was sweat, power-tools and pry-bars involved!  IT WAS AWESOME!


And when we were done, there were no spiders or dust bunnies to be found. Not surprising, the previous owner kept the place spotless. So my concerns were an over-reaction after all…imagine that. Oh well, it was all worth it to get the final results.

Take a look at it today.


Go ahead, scroll back up.  Don’t you just love Before & Afters?!  I get so excited!


While the rest of the trim in the room was transitioned to white, I decided to do this window in black.  I love how it makes a statement and ties all the black accessories together.


The shelving is full of decor pieces you can find from Eco Chic Boutique along with a small sampling of my vintage bottle collection. This was the perfect place to put them. I can’t reach these shelves without a step-stool, so it was a great place to put items that make me smile. Vintage bottles make me smile…this is how I justify the boxes and boxes of them I’ve collected over the years.  The girls at the store are afraid to move them and have been threatened with bodily harm if they sell them. Just kidding…but really…aren’t they cute?!

Speaking of cute. The rug is part of the Magnolia Home line by Loloi Rugs. You can get all of the Joanna’s rugs at Eco Chic Boutique. This rug is so soft. Trust me, but if you don’t, I will let you come into the store and take your shoes off and walk on them. Because really, this is the only way to truly pick out a rug.


I love little details.  Three of my essentials in decorating a room:

Something green.

Something vintage.


Note: When this photo was taken the bottom of the cabinets hadn’t been finished yet.  The folks at SWI Interiors in Osage MN, came back out the following week and put all the pretty trimmings on them.


Here is another angle of the room. The totally adorable and really functional rolling baskets came from West Elm. The make doing laundry bearable… I’m waiting for my nephews to take them outside and race them around.  Lord help them if they do, Aunt Ria dipped into her savings account to afford them.


I hope you enjoyed this transformation.  If you have questions about other things in the room or specific details, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with a phone call to the store or a little note to my inbox.



E-mail: maria@ILoveEcoChic.com

Phone: 701.356.6600

If you’re looking to revamp a room, here is the list of the amazing vendors we worked with (and would recommend!).

Cabinetry- SWI Interiors
Flooring – Carpet World (Jim Fleming)
Painting – Gene’s Painting
Plumbing – Joe’s Plumbing
Tile – Tile Tech (Dave Meth, owner)
Design & Decor – Eco Chic Boutique
Electrical – Grace Electric

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