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A guest room for the boys

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Here is the funny thing about being married to a hunter, his friends (and nephews) are hunters too, and they often visit and spend the night so they can head out into the woods early.

So it is no surprise that when I started to design this guest bedroom in the house, Tate stepped in and asked if he could have a “boy” room.

The other guest room looks like this. (Feel free to open the full girls guest room blog post in another tab by clicking here)


I don’t understand why these hunter men, don’t like it?  Maybe it’s the pillows. There’s more than one.

That can be upsetting to men. Pillows make men uncomfortable. It is a weird ailment, that plagues many men. Poor babies.

So, when Tate asked if he could have a guest room for the boys, I didn’t argue. I surely don’t want to make them uncomfortable with all the plush, cuddly softness of a nice duvet and perfectly placed throw pillows. This would just be cruel.

The goal here was to make something that reflected Tate and his tastes and interests. I really wanted him to be proud to share it with our male guests and to give him a space that reflected his tastes.

Let’s take a look at a couple before photos.


Ok, this one is one of those “let’s make it look really horrible before photos”…or maybe we just moved in and this room got the worst of the “just put it in there” jobs.


Jules is impressed that we clean all the boxes out, and now she is watching squirrels and has lost interest.

Here is how it looks today.



ONE throw pillow. I hope this doesn’t upset our male guests.

Something that they also don’t really need- a closet. So, we didn’t give them one.


Here, I opted to remove the closet doors and create a writing (read: drinking & sitting) nook for the guys.  A place to drop their boots while unloading all the keys, nails, bullets, lint, keys, bolts and toothpicks from their pockets.

No plush patterned carpet for these mighty hunters. No, we opted for a dark wood grained laminate, covered by a large floor rug, just to warm their toes a bit.

The diamond willow cane in the corner was created by my grandfather and the pheasant print on the wall is one of the first gifts I ever gave Tate. So decorating this room was really fun and personal.

I will give you one guess what part of the decor Tate added to this room?

If you said the John Wayne picture you are correct. Tate bought it at last year’s Junk Market and he gets a good chuckle every time he looks at it. It is the only purchase he has ever made at Junk Market. Unless you count the six bowls of dumplings he got from Leo’s Dumplings this past year.  *burp



Of course Jules had to get in on the fun as well.  (She looks thrilled, doesn’t she)

Next month we show off the bathroom, designed by Tate, that is next door to this guest room. It is a bathroom built just for men with lots of wood and metal. I can’t wait to show it to you. Tate did an excellent job picking out all the fixtures.



Question:  Does your design style and your husband’s match?  If not, how do you make a home feel cozy for both of you?  Share in the comments below.

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