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Tate’s Bathroom Design Revealed

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Well I have to give it to him, he did a great job. When Tate told me he wanted to have complete design control over the guy bathroom I said, “ok” and let him go.

Ok, that is not completely true, because he came to me and asked for help once in a while and I put my two cents (maybe a buck-fifty) worth in, but overall it was his design that took this old blue beauty to a modern rustic throne built for a king…or a fisherman.

Here is where we started.


This is the last of the bathrooms, and if you remember the yellow and the green bathrooms, then you already know that each bathroom had a signature color. The color carried into the toilet, tub and tile in each room. I found it charming when we moved in, it reminded me of the bathrooms in my grandparent’s home.

While charming, it still had to go (yes, this hurt my heart a bit) It was time to bring these rooms into 2016.

Tate’s first order of business was to add a window to this bathroom. I love the natural light it adds, Tate loves the fresh air.

I’ve heard that bathrooms need LOTS of fresh air.  Especially bathrooms used by hunters who love to eat deer sausage.

(Sorry, was that too graphic?)

2016-06-23-07-24-45Once the window was installed we quickly (not quickly really, due to many reasons, this room took FOUR months to complete), finished up this bathroom and below is where we landed.



Let’s take a look at that faucet and prepare ourselves for a major learning curve (primary reason it took so long to complete this bathroom).


Tate really wanted a wall-mount faucet for his bathroom, and during our search we found them to be more costly than surface mounts. So he hit the internet and finally found one that was within our budget.  We had it two months in advance and we were feeling a little cocky about how prepared we were on this particular project. Then, come the day to install our faucet, our plumber let us know a sad little fact. Our faucet wasn’t actually a wall-mount faucet. It was meant to be mounted on a large tub sink where you have access to the backside of the sink. It could NOT be mounted into a sheet-rocked wall.

The vanity designed by Grain Designs was done, and created for a wall mount faucet. The sink was specially made for a wall mount faucet as well. So, unless we wished to scrap all those items already designed, bought and paid for, we needed a WALL MOUNT FAUCET.

Spoiler alert: There isn’t a bargain priced wall-mount faucet option, also there aren’t any in-stock for miles around.

Once a faucet was decided on, it took almost a month to receive it. This held up the plumber, the tile installer and the carpenter.  A lesson was learned on this project: Let your plumber be a part of your faucet buying decisions. They are a valuable resource. (Other lesson: limit Tate’s online shopping to fishing lures and hunting supplies, two areas he excels in).

With that said.

Isn’t she pretty …and shiny!  AND she swivels!  You can move her side-to-side if you need to get something large in sink.  Yes it is a she. Things that pretty don’t come in the men’s section. While we may have over-shot the budget on the faucet, in the end it was worth it to get something we absolutely love!  She goes perfectly with the sink.


Yes, you are seeing correctly. That is a kitchen sink in the bathroom.  Tate wanted a sink he could get his elbows down in, and traditional bathroom sinks don’t allow enough space to get your elbows clean.  We searched and searched and finally came across this large bar sink online. We specifically wanted a black one, so that was harder to find. But, after all the searching it was worth it.

Once all the pieces were in place the rest of the project did move quickly and finally it was time to decorate.

We’ve recently added a Men’s line to the store and it has been fun to incorporate these items not only into Tate’s bathroom, but to have them as offerings at our retail locations.  You can see more of the Tate Collection here.

The best thing about each of the rooms is that we get to incorporate things that we love, pieces that have meaning to us and sometimes those pieces are gifts from people we love dearly.

Just as we were about to shoot the after photos of the bathroom for Design and Living Magazine, we got a gift from a close friend. He felt he had found just the right piece of artwork for Tate’s bathroom re-design.

I would say he nailed it. (Don’t think about that one too much) Tate agrees too, he made sure it made it into the photo-shoot. Much like Tate, I would say this artwork hails from the 1970’s and reminds us that new isn’t always better, sometimes the best design, is the design that keeps you smiling for years to come.


Thank you Searle Swedlund, you are a good friend and design assistant.  Now Tate will think of you each time he is in the bathroom.

(Too much?….naw, just enough)


Maria (Tate’s Design Assistant)

Here are the great folks who helped us bring this project to life.

Carpentry –  Stacey Schweitzer with SJS Carpentry
Tile Installation – Dave Meth with Tile Tech
Plumbing – Joe with Joe’s Plumbing
Painting – Gene’s Painting
Vanity Design and Build – Grain Designs
Sink Faucet – Ferguson Kitchen and Bath

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  • Annie McGinn says:

    Maria!!! I loooove this bathroom! I can guarantee you Tate didn’t have that good of style until he met you. Trust me. I knew him in the 80s. Congratulations on all of your successful renovations! You guys are amazing!

  • Ardee says:

    Love all the choices and end result…..great job Tate and design assistant!

  • Pam Olson says:

    Wonderful job as always!!!

  • Linda Ness says:

    Love the look! As Pam said…..”wonderful job as always”!!! It has been fun ‘watching’ your progress on your home. Bismarck, of course, doesn’t have the Design mag in the grocery stores and I don’t always get down to your store right away for the new one!! But, I have them all for the ‘filing of ideas’!!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  • Fantastic design! Love every bit of it! Tatertot high five #nailedit

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