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Home by Eco Chic Boutique

When you walk into the boutique what if we said, “Welcome to Eco Chic Boutique, we sell food fights”. Pretty weird… How about bed time stories? Morning coffee, afternoon snack, too many loads of laundry and dog pile on dad time? Here, we give you home and all the moments that come with it.

Day in and day out we are thinking of you, your home, and how we can make your house feel most like home. This past week we posted a photo asking you to explain what the word “home” means to you. As we read through your responses we couldn’t help but throw our hands up and yell a big AMEN! We’d like to share a couple that really spoke to us, along with each of our own personal definitions here at Eco Chic Boutique.

Sheena told us that her definition of home is her two little girls hiding in a plethora of pillows & fluffy blankets fresh out of a bath, Ashley reminded us that home is where you can truly be yourself, Kelsey and Jenny said that the word home is all about family coming together, Ellen summed it up by saying “It’s our recharge portal: a place where mind, body & soul can be nourished, reenergized, made ready for the next day”. 

What our Eco Chic gals have to say:

“Home is the place where your heart is physically reflected; and for me, that reflection is of my family, a place where I can explore my own creativity, and where plants surround me. Once welcomed into my home you can peek into my heart through many forms including my grandmother’s ottoman resting in the corner, my sketches littering everything from my notebooks to the grocery list on the fridge, or the herbs I have lining the windowsill. All of this together excites me to be involved in the design process of people’s homes; I get to read what’s in their heart and help translate that reflection into their home”.

Pylar, Eco Chic Sales Associate

“Home is where my husband and children reside. Where God is honored and people are loved and fed. It’s not perfect and isn’t always well kept, but it’s where I dream of when I’ve been away. It’s where “I love you” and “I’m sorry” are met with a hug. It is a place of safety, for you are greatly loved! This is home to me”.

Michelle, Eco Chic Sales Associate/ Painting Expert

“Home is my family; my husband, boys, and little girl. We are our most goofy, crazy, comfortable selves at home. Wherever we are together is home”.

Sara, Eco Chic Inventory Manager 

“The word ‘home’ to me is an ever-changing space, with a constant feeling. Being a recent graduate of Concordia College and having grown up in the Twin Cities, ‘home’ has always seemed far away, 231 miles to be exact. However, now that I’m one year out from graduating, have found a space that fits me, a partner that encourages me, and a job that excites me- home doesn’t seem so far anymore. Home is a figurative space where you can truly be yourself, whoever that may be”.

Morgan, Eco Chic Marketer & Graphic Designer

“Home is where I share hugs and laughter with my husband!”

Kelsey, Eco Chic Store Manager 

“Home is wherever I am with my guys. We have lived in 6 houses in 5 states, so it is less about the structure and more about family, friends, love, and laughter. It is where you get hugs that last forever!”

Shannon, Eco Chic Store Manager 

“Home is wherever Tate is.”

Maria, Eco Chic Owner & Founder

So, whether it’s the day your little one lost their first tooth (that ‘first’ has happened at the boutique… with Maria’s nephew… while she was babysitting…), or it’s spilling spaghetti all over the kitchen floor, or staying up late sharing bed times stories- whatever ‘home’ looks like, we want to be a part of it. Here, we welcome you to create a space that fits you and your family best. No matter how wacky, quirky, and outrageous you all may be 😉

Thank you for sharing the goods, the bads, and the ugly of home with us. Comment your favorite ‘home’ moment below or post on social media using the hashtag: #myecochicmoment.

Enjoy home a little extra today,

Eco Chic Marketer & Graphic Designer

Consistent Kindness: Design Conference 2017

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