Eco Chic Home is your North Dakota source for modern farmhouse home decor, furniture, and design services. A space that is more than a store, offering you feelings and memories far beyond things. We strive to provide quality goods that transcend genres and offers variance while maintaining a simplified and soothing nature. Ultimately giving you a “home that hugs”.
A home that hugs is a space that is styled to your personality and has those personal touches from the front porch to the master bath. You feel relaxed and joyful just walking in the front door. It is home that inspires you to cook more often, play with your kids harder, read in that cozy corner more frequently, and snuggle your favorite person closer. It encourages you to start that business you’ve been dreaming about, plant that garden, call an old friend or just take some time for yourself relaxing in your favorite chair. It’s more than a place, its where you experience life.
Come visit us and make yourself feel at home while creating yours.

The Eco Chic Story


A Seatbelt is needed for this ride because the road is bumpy and there are a few sudden curves.

I love seeing the look on someone’s face when I tell them that Eco Chic started as a baby store. It doesn’t make sense when you look at us now, but if you hear it from the beginning you understand how the road turned and curved and led us to our current destination. I’m smiling as I write this because the impossibility of it all still catches me by surprise when I think about it, yet looking back it makes perfect sense.

Eco Chic was opened on June 4th, 2010. The full name of the store was Eco Chic “A Green Boutique for Baby, Mom and Home.  The idea for the store stemmed from my then occupation. I was selling Shaklee products and one of their lead categories was natural eco-friendly home cleaning products. I had spent six years talking with moms about making their homes safer and healthier by using safer cleaning options. What I heard over and over again was that moms wanted other eco-friendly options. So my plan was to open a store that sold “green” products for children and homes. The entire store was composed of eco-friendly product, hence the name Eco Chic.

The store was well accepted by the community and I felt as if we were on to something, but this feeling of “this is going to be great” was quickly followed by “where are the customers?” I continued on for about a year and the sales continued to decline and dip. The road was getting bumpy and I was scared. I would share each evening my concerns with Tate that we weren’t going to be able to catch up with all the bills and I didn’t think the store was going to survive…

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